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Coming home to a tree on your house

Last week we came home from a weekend away to find one of our beautiful trees had fallen onto our house. All and all, the damage was not that bad, but it does require a decent section of my roof being replaced by a Roofer NJ. The damage is more than we’d like to shell out from our savings account, so this requires our first homeowners claim.

You really do not know how good your insurance company is until you have a claim. We all try to find the best rates we can for insurance since it is such a large line item in our budgets, but the true test of the value is when you need to use the insurance coverage.

When I worked as a liability claims adjusters years ago it was with Farmers. Our homeowners insurance is still with them. I was so happy to find when I filed the claim last week that the high service I was expected to provide when I worked there was still a standard.

Within 10 minutes of filing the claim we received a call from the property claims adjuster. He checked in with us twice to answer all of our questions and provide referrals before coming out to view the damage a couple of days later. My agent also called me the next day to check in on how we were doing and make sure the adjuster was taking care of us.

There have been several advances in technology since I worked at Farmers over a decade ago. I can now view my claim online and they wired me the money from the claim, which showed up the next day in our account.

Now to see how it goes finding a contractor to do the work timely because I am really sick of having this tree in my yard.


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Moving day money saving tip!

I recently moved closer to work to avoid a two or more hour commute on some days. Typically, the major factors that come up when moving are time and costs. I rent, so the biggest costs are the deposits, all of which are refundable, pending I get the deposits back. I tend to do the majority of the moving myself and then round up a group of good friends on moving day for the big stuff. I then provide them with lots of food and drinks for their assistance and, of course, offer my moving assistance to them if they need it. With this recent move, I decided to rent a trailer because I hired a Removal Company UK and moved across town and didn’t want to make multiple trips. I found this to be much more cost-effective than renting a moving truck, which can be pretty expensive. When renting a trailer, you don’t have to pay mileage like you do with a moving truck, as long as you have a truck to haul it with. My friend has a truck, so she let me borrow it, and we were able to haul the trailer with it. If you’re considering a long-distance move, you might also want to explore options with long-distance moving companies. I am all moved in now and enjoying my new neighborhood and shorter commute.