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Tenants in Foreclosure- Update

Tenants in Foreclosure- Update
I realize that I left you all in the dark on August regarding the auction of the home I live in. On August 17th when I wrote the last post I was still assuming that my home was going to be auctioned on the county steps the following Monday August 23rd. Well, just a couple of days before the auction date I called the trustee’s automated system and found that the auction was on hold and had been postponed until October 4th. So here I am again, just days away from the home I live in possibly being auctioned off.
I called the trustees automated system today and it says the same thing it did in August. The home is on hold and scheduled to be auctioned on October 4th. This puts me in a difficult position. My rent is due on Friday and I always pay on the 1st even though I have the five day grace period. I emailed the landlords to see if they can provide any updates, but to date their updates have been less that truthful or helpful.
Since my lease does allow me a five day grace period I think I will just hang onto my rent until I am assured that it is not sold on the 4th. If it were sold that would mean the landlords would receive rent for the entire month of October even though they only owned it for 4 days.
More to come next week…

A New Team Member!

My name is Josh Gordon, the new Program Coordinator for Financial Beginnings.  I joined the Financial Beginnings team at the end of August.  I came here because our communities desperately need young people to receive a financial education.   I am extremely happy to be here and I want to tell you all a little about myself and my role.

I graduated from Willamette University in 2009 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. I excelled in finance, accounting, and mathematics and I am confident my academic success will be an asset at Financial Beginnings.

Before starting at Financial Beginnings I worked in financial planning, real estate, law, information technology, and sales.  I plan to draw from my previous experiences to expand the capacity of the Financial Beginnings program.

I bring a fresh perspective to the team and my primary ambition is to identify new opportunities for Financial Beginnings.  Over the next year I will be actively involved in volunteer recruitment, training, and management.  In addition, I aim to increase the number of students educated via the Financial Foundations and Banking on Our Future programs by 20-30%.  To achieve this I will expand our programs into new schools and into new regions.  I will look for opportunities not only in schools but also in community organizations, local businesses, and our existing network.

Throughout the coming months I will develop and launch a series of teacher training workshops.  It is vital teachers are equipped with the correct information and resources in this era of financial uncertainty.  I am tremendously excited to develop new programs for Financial Beginnings. I am also pondering other ideas to continually improve the efficiency and scope of the organization.  You will have to come back to find out the details! 🙂

I will use this blog to inform you of new developments in Financial Beginnings, to present free available resources, and to offer new ideas and analyze existing ones.

My experience so far has been fun and productive.  I welcome ideas, comments, and concerns.   I look forwarding to hearing from you, thanks for reading to the bottom!

“If you can count your money, you don’t have a billion dollars.”