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New Program and Volunteer Coordinator for Financial Beginnings and Operation HOPE

My name is Lauren McCammon and I am the new Program and Volunteer Coordinator for Financial Beginnings and Operation HOPE.  It is with great pleasure that I am able to help educate the youth regarding the importance of managing their money, so that they can make informed financial decisions. So often we find ourselves wondering why we were never able to save as much as we expected, why we spent more than we budgeted for, and why finances seem much more difficult than we ever imagined. My mission is to stop this vicious circle; to empower the youth into realizing their full financial potential and to help them not make the same mistakes that many others did before them. Education is power and it is time we put that power to good use.

I have been working with the youth for quite some time now. I worked as a gymnastics instructor and office manager at Naydenov Gymnastics for over five years, where I managed all aspects of the office as well as the activities in the gym.  I have been a nanny for over nine years, six years with the family that I currently still work with and I am also a personal assistant for that family.  I am a fitness model for various sports apparel companies, as well.  I also happen to be a student who is working to finish a degree in Business Administration with a major in Finance, from Washington State University Vancouver, and my expected graduation date is May of 2012.

My diverse background has really helped to prepare me to fulfill my mission of educating the youth regarding the importance of managing their money. Financial freedom is possible and through Financial Beginnings and Operation HOPE I know that we can empower, motivated, educate, and inspire others into creating a successful financial future.

Centennial FBLA Students teaching Financial Literacy to others within their community


In January, the Centennial FBLA chapter decided to partner with Financial Beginnings/Operation HOPE a local non-profit organization that strives to expand economic education and empowerment through educational programs that incorporate all aspects of personal finance. Through these educational programs, the organizations wish to spread financial literacy in hopes of creating more financially responsible individuals. Several FBLA members participated in a cooperate training to become official Financial Beginning/Operation HOPE volunteers.
Over the past several weeks, Centennial High School FBLA members have been educating elementary and middle students within the Centennial district on the subject of financial literacy. During the presentation approximately 200 students were taught; budgeting, investing, credit, and banking. Teachers responded with positive comments about the enthusiasm of the high school educators, “They were extremely professional, on-time and very eager to teach!” said middle school teacher Shane Fisher. “I really liked the teachers because there were so many things I could relate to, it made it all more enjoyable” explained a local middle school student. Through the various activities implemented, the students were very eager to learn about creating a budget, the dangers of a credit card, and even simple investing. Students were ecstatic at the opportunity and eagerly participated in all the activities. “The presentations were very educational and students seemed to love the activities they implemented, an overall very enjoyable experience” said an enlightened Eric Perkins, elementary school teacher. “I’m extremely proud of the members, not only have they learned financial literacy concepts, they have learned teamwork, organization, scheduling, and time management…not to mention I think a few of them might have caught the teaching bug,” said Adriann Hardin FBLA adviser.

In addition to educating elementary and middle school students, FBLA members have also arranged for the Financial Beginnings/Operation HOPE business volunteers to come in and speak to the math, economics, and business classes at the high school. Overall it has been an amazing partnership for the school district and the non-profit organization. If you have any additional questions, please contact Adriann Hardin at 503.762.6180 or via email at: