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I am always looking for ways to better manage all of the projects and tasks I have. I’ve tried everything from filling a notebook I carried everywhere with dog ears and post its to managing it all on Outlook. Still, when it came to working with others on projects or keeping track of my employees’ projects and tasks I didn’t have anything that worked.

My new best friend is Podio! Podio is an online application that allows for task management, project collaboration and database management. I’m sure my team will tell you they are sick of my singing Podio so much praise, but finding this software could not have come at a better time.

The aspects that I appreciate the most include:
• Tracking tasks I assign to others
• Collaborating with those within and outside of my organization
• Integration with Evernote and Box
• Being able to very easily build applications (I am not a big techie so this is huge)
• Easy conversing (similar to how you use facebook)

You can use the basic version for free. If someone who would like to use it as a company intranet the full version is $8 per month per employee.